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Tatiana Bellance
Founder & Wedding Planner

"Plant and grow"

your special day with us

Hi and thank you for visiting our website!

I'm Tatiana, founder and wedding planner at Arbre et Rivière.

I created Arbre & RIVIÈRE when combining things that I love doing and spending time in on a day-to-day basis, together with my expertise.

I am French, originating from the French West Indies (Martinique and Les Saintes) where the surroundings are simply natural and pure, and truly amazing. I found and developed my passion in nature and everything that touches it when spending time on these beautiful islands.

I believe that nature is our best supplier and I like to repay it by caring for and respecting it.

Having lived in France and in the UK, I gained a lot of experience and skills while working as a PA for different companies for the past 16 years. Listening, planning, paying attention to details, solving problems, communicating, coordinating, meeting deadlines (I could go on and on) have been my strengths years after years. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of my employers for teaching me that challenges can be opportunities.

In my free time I like to spend time with my children and my husband and discover what the earth has in store for us.

At Arbre et RIVIÈRE we contribute in your wedding day in a such way I like to qualify it as "planting and growing your special day". Your wedding should be a unforgettable memory for you and your guests.

I also very much like staying true to myself. So I just went with my heart when writing this bit about me and hope you enjoyed reading it as much I enjoyed writing about it.

  • Michael's personal profile:

Michael loves challenges and to see concrete results of his work.

He has a calm personality and a lovely sense of humour.

  • Some of his strengths & skills:

- Personal: logical and interpersonal thinking.

- Analytical: economic awareness, financial forecasting, critical and strategic thinking.

- Time management: prioritising and goal setting.

  • His point of view on planning a wedding:

To Michael, working on a wedding is pretty much like putting a jigsaw puzzle together: it can be very challenging and frustrating. The puzzle pieces being the vendors, you want to make them work effectively as a whole for your big day.

Being actively involved in all stages of the planning process is key to your event's success.

  • Additional information about Michael:

The 2 languages that Michael can speak fluently are French and English (French being his mother tongue).

About his personal interests, the pictures should hopefully give you a hint about what they are...

Michael Lacides
Managing Partner
  And also...

...the rest of the team

who have a natural aptitude in different aspects

of event planning.

Some live in France, others in the UK

and they most of the time work on their own.

We occasionally team up to turn your dream into reality.

At Arbre & RIVIÈRE we plan & design natural, sustainable and ethical weddings and events in the UK and abroad.

Get in touch to tell us about your dream wedding!


Email: tatiana@arbre-et-riviere.com

Tel: +44 747 821 7219

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